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Introducing DubsCast, with Host Tristan Wedderburn

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We’ve got some big news here at The Next Iteration Podcast!!

We’re excited to announce our first partner podcast, the DubsCast, hosted by Tristan Wedderburn.

As our audience grows, we want to grow with them, and stay true to our mission of enabling the best iterations of our listeners, whether that be through bringing on amazing guests or exposing you to innovative ideas. So we went looking for podcasts that we felt like truly embodied the ethos of the Next Iteration.

When we heard Tristan was launching his own podcast, we knew we had to partner. Tristan is one of our good friends, and a super hardworking informed dude, who runs his own consultancy Arkus Technologies and has done internships at Square, MongoDB, and Wealthsimple.

Tune into the DubsCast to hear Tristan’s quick takes on groundbreaking tech and business stories, including the rise of crypto, emerging markets, and deep tech ventures.

His first episode is on NFTs in the sports space (warning: he’s an Arsenal fan 🤮 sorry, he had to do SOMETHING wrong). We’ve included it on our main podcast, so make sure to check it out and follow the DubsCast at the link in the comments!

This is the first of a few new podcasts, so stay tuned for more amazing content :)

Check out the show at:
Reach out to Tristan at:

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